Month in Review: February 2015

2015-02-26 19.07.02

It’s been a great reading month. Here’s what I read this month:

Elizabeth is Missing, by Emma Healey
Yes Please, by Amy Poehler
Etta and Otto and Russell and James, by Emma Hooper
Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, by Cheryl Strayed
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling
Ru, by Kim Thuy

Not all of these are pictured because some had to go back to the library. I really enjoyed all of these books. I started off the month with Elizabeth is Missing, which had been on my TBR for a while and I really liked the sense of mystery. I was also on a bit of a female comedian kick apparently, reading books by Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling. I liked both for different reasons – Amy’s was more introspective and almost wise, while Mindy’s was laugh-out-loud funny.

It’s the two CanLit titles on this list – Ru and Etta and Otto and Russell and James that really stick out at me as my favourites from the month. Further proof that I love CanLit, I suppose!

How was your February? What were your favourite books that you read?


2 thoughts on “Month in Review: February 2015

    • Alex says:

      Wild was really interesting! Also, I’m so sad that Parks and Recreation ended because it was one of my favourite shows – the finale was great though! And Mindy’s book was so funny. I didn’t realize before I picked up the book that she was also a writer and producer on The Office – she’s more talented than I knew! I have to start watching The Mindy Project because I heard it’s pretty great. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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